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East of Eden Exhibition

If you are in the LA area be sure to come to the East of Eden Exhibition. I as well as several other artists will be showing our work there.

Multi Gallery Exhibition
September 19-21,2008
@ Los Angeles Municipal Gallery

Location: 4800 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90027

Contact: / 213.814.2640

Further Information:

Come, Come : )

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miss fairchild

so school is coasting on and my drawings are in a turtle-mode due to the load of work i have to do on the other side. 
nothing too bad since i have no problem with wanting learn more about drawing and what not. this entry will not be about being a foundation student... that's a bit boring. 

then again.....i am pretty bad a posting things here. 

yeah...i am. 

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francessca woodman

morning morning something something

My web browser at home has been acting a bit funny causing me some problems when I am trying to post an entry hear. I'm not exactly sure why it's doing this but it's making me resort to using the library's browser instead. I'm not sure if I have posted this before, if you already have seen this- sorry. I think I did this in the morning a few hours before I had my first day of classes. I haven't been able to make any new drawings due to the amount of homework I have to do (which is much but time consuming.) I managed to get some ideas done here and there but nothing final or complete (on the other hand there are lots of drawings that I did in the past that I personally feel like it is unfinished but whatever).  I am finding myself hanging around the library to fill and kill hours spaced out hours in between classes (an hour and half break here, four hours there). Eventually that big gap of time will probably be filled with even more assignments and projects, which is fine...and me trying to think of some new things to paint.

I made myself a list of artsts I am check ing out at the momment. Look them up if you would like....or not.
Daniel Bejar
Simikin Berke
Barry Brunner
Ann Field
David Hughes
Thorbjorn Ingason
Tom Neely
Franklin Stockton

Ther are some more but I feel like breaking them into section so I don't end up mixing names with images.  Well, blah-blah-blah

bye bye now

Okay I did post that image before. I feel silly now. Well....I will replace with something else later today.

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morning sketch


another sketch i did, but during the morning. 
i have this strange urge to draw a cuttlefish...i don't know why exactly but I want to. 
i also want the orientation week for my college to end quite soon.
...and that will come true after 3pm today. 

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-bye now
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we live in boxes

traditionals |  acrylic + graphite on paper | 9x11inch

will tell you whatever you want susie. just keep quiet you are hurting us. 
tell yourself this simple thing. tell yourself we live in boxes. than leave.
leave. leave. leave. leave. leave. leave. leave. leave. leave. leave. leave.

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white stroller

white strollers + acrylic + graphite on newsprint 20x30cm

it makes sense to do a good cleanning during the spring and not near the summer.
of course this makes no sense to me and i end up doing everything backwards....

i want ku ku clock. i hate them -  but i want one.